Sales Planning And Operations Case Study

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Unit 20 -SPO
Sales planning and operation
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Sales planning and operations
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1.1 How personal selling support promotion mix
Personal selling is can be defined as personal interaction of a sales person to a customer to sell a product or a service. A successful personal seller must possess a good knowledge of the product or service, an excellent presentation skill and aggressive sales technique that can influence the customer to make final decision. Personal selling flexible unlike advertising and sales promotion. It is who interact with customer and therefore he/she can tailor sales presentation to fit customer’s need. For instance, sales manager of Velassaru Maldives can present
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The factors that strongly influence customer’s purchasing behavior is cultural, social, personal and psychological factors. Purchasing decision of the customer may vary depending on the situation (Albarasin, 2013). For instance, if customers are planning to visit Velassaru Maldives with family (married couples), most probably their decision would be to book a family room instead of a romantic couple room such as beach villa with pool. But if customers are planning to visit Velassaru Maldives to spend a vacation (not married couples), most probably they would book a beach villa with pool as these room offers…show more content…
This provides a direction for sales activities and set milestone and boundaries for it, hence avoiding confusion and resources wastage. Next step is to state the sales activity in detail and then assigning them such features as cost, venue, team members, and other requirements which the activity requires.
Once this is done, then sales management should schedule the activity and compartmentalize each activity into a suitable time frame that would optimize the cost and human resources of the activity. After this, the management embarks on the sales activities as planned beforehand and during the process, uses a checklist to keep track of the progress of the sales activity by checking off the activities which have been completed.
Finally, management keeps a performance record to track errors or Under-performing activities and identify them for restructuring or elimination. Sales output is controlled through the adoption of the push and pull strategies. A business using the push strategy controls its output by producing goods in quantities that is believes are needed in the market and then it uses such strategies as advertising and personal selling to create demand for them. However, a business which subscribes to the pull strategy controls its sales by producing its goods in the quantities that the market demands for example through responding to

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