Sales Promotion Strategies

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Abstract The marketing and sales industry is an essential part of any business and is currently thriving. There is an array of roles in marketing and sales which covers all different industries. You can be a sales representative, manager or even a developer. It takes a lot of strategizing in this industry. Tactics are precise actions you take executing your strategy. These actions consist of what is to be done, in the order it should be done, using what human resources and tools. You may utilize a number of tactics and involve various people and departments in efforts to reach a common goal. Tactics characteristically require the involvement of the business as a whole. The best way to keep a customer is to offer more than just goods…show more content…
Thirdly, sales promotion is meant to act as an authoritative tool of rivalry. The goal of sales promotions is as follows: 1. Introducing new goods or services: Sales promotion is often used to encourage potential shoppers to try new products and services. An example is the Spiceland Mall international Ltd in Grand Anse. It is the first and only shopping mall in the country to set up a supermarket. The real Value IGA supermarket is also one the most favored supermarkets on the island because they also open more hours, on Sundays and public holidays when everyone else is close. Attracting new consumers: Sales promotion measures also play an important role in attracting new customers for an organization. More often than not, new consumers are those individuals that are won away from other companies. Samples, prizes, gifts, etc. are used to encourage shoppers to try a new brand or shift their patronage to new dealers. The Real Value IGA supermarket has a wider range of product to choose from than the…show more content…
have seasonal demand and often form strategic alliances. Providers dealing with such type of service make every attempt to maintain a stable demand all through the year. In other words, companies in the hospitality industry in Grenada try to encourage the purchase of such services in off-seasons also. Hotels offers day passes at very low rates to anyone who would like to experience the many amenities offered to visitors who come to vacation at their establishments. Restaurants have lots of specials, and taxi operators offer tours at low or no cost to allow local business and their employee to get to explore our beautiful island, so many come to visit and love. Conclusion When a service or product is well supported by sales promotion, sellers are automatically encouraged to have more of such product and services. Does the required infrastructure for sales promotion exist in every country? Yes, Information technology, the nature of the internet means that businesses now have a truly global reach. Internet marketing will allow marketers to reach consumers worldwide, offering a wide range of goods and services. In all the sources referenced, essentially what was inferred is that strategy and tactics is key in succeeding in the marketing and sales industry. Works

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