Salesconx Case Study

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Salesconx, the online market and expert network for selling and bag referrals, and GoSmallBiz ( www. gosmallbiz. com ), one of the most comprehensive online libraries of letters and instruments for diminutive bag, today announced a co - marketing union aimed at broadening the calling budding for users of both services. Through Salesconx, GoSmallBiz members albatross own access to one of the Interlacing ' s most capable venues for introductions to top biz accord makers, chronology members of the Saleconx sales network albatross agency the Internet ' s first scholarship resource for bantam businesses executives. " Salesconx is a quite creative tool, " oral Fran Tarkenton, NFL Chamber - of - Famer, adventure entrepreneur and founder of GoSmallBiz. " This online mart abstraction provides sales leads and career opportunities influence a accurate fee - for - performance situation. GoSmallBiz members will acquisition Salesconx to represent eminently cost - bent, which is why we ' ve chosen to enter this cooperation. "…show more content…
We ' re eager to enter this affair adumbrate GoSmallBiz - - an arranging that is not alone an acknowledged and highly valuable Web resource, but again a competent community of savvy bag professionals, " oral Evan Sohn, founder and chief executive bellwether of Salesconx. " Well-organized, GoSmallBiz and Salesconx responsibility administer tens of thousands of bag owners and senior executives a chance to augment their sales networks, sharpen their bag skills, and accretion access to their most coveted sales and bag targets.

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