Salieri And Mozart In Milos Forman's Amadeus

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Amadeus is a 1984 American drama film, it is directed by Milos Forman. This film is a fictionalized biography of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The two main characters in this film are Antonio Salieri and Mozart. Mozart is a very smart, creative, hardworking guy and has God gifted natural talent. He amazes every individual with his magical composing techniques. He burns the midnight oil to write beautiful and unique operas that no one has ever heard. On the other hand, Salieri is the court composer for Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II. He is a very jealous, selfish and religious guy who loves and admires music. His father wanted him to go into commerce but his father dies from choking. Salieri is very grateful and happy because he…show more content…
Salieri was financially well-off, he was the composer of the Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II (Jeffrey Jones), but not so talented. On the other hand, Mozart was not so financially stable, but immensely talented. He had to work very hard to make a survival. In my opinion talented people are admired and appreciated, but everyone is keeping an eye on them. A little mistake can bring their reputation down and there are many more people who are plotting against them to make sure that they do not miss that opportunity and drag them down. Mozart trusted everyone, he thought that everyone was in his favor, he was blindfolded to the reality and evil nature of Salieri. When Mozart became, dizzy and fell in his own opera, Salieri brought him home, not because he cared for Mozart but because he wanted to see him die and feel relief. When Mozart’s colleagues came to see Mozart, Salieri took the money that they gave and told Mozart that the disguised guy gave this money for you and if you finish the music by tommorow night he will give you another 100. Though Mozart was extremely ill, he tried his level best to finish the piece of music by tommorow night. Salieri was so selfish that he did not care for Mozart’s poorly condition. He kept writing. All he wanted was the opera to be completed. If he was a true friend, he would have stopped him from working because he was literally dying. People take advantage of
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