Sallie House Ghost

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How would you react if you felt that your doctor had done you great harm? Would you be mad at him? Some physicians make little mistakes that are pardonable. Others commit grave blunders that can neither be forgiven nor forgotten. Maybe that was the case with the ghost of the little girl found in Sallie House.

If you live in Atchison, Kansas, chances are that you have passed by this house that stands on the north second street. It is popularly called the ‘Sallie house’. At that time of the terrifying story, it was the home of a doctor who lived with his family on the upper floor while his office, patient examination room and the surgery room were located downstairs.

According to the local tale, one fateful day, Sallie was brought into the
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Understandably, the things that were happening there were a little too much for them to take. While the new family that had moved in hasn’t found any signs of Sallie, Tony still received welts and scratches on his body even after moving into a new home.

Paranormal investigators who were invited to investigate the house claim that apart from Sallie’s ghost, there was another negative spirit that was probably responsible for the violence inflicted, and not Sallie herself.

The investigators have recorded and photographed the ghosts many times and also managed to communicate with them through electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and Ouija board. During one attack episode, the team managed to film scratches appearing on his stomach.

Tony and Debra Pickman seemed to have developed affinity towards Sallie’s ghost, more so, after knowing about her possible painful death. They decided that living in such darkness and experiencing no love or affection must be rather gloomy for Sallie. You might have never heard of anybody wishing to buy a gift for the ghost in their home, but that’s exactly what Debra and tony wanted to give Sallie. They thought about it and decided on getting a baby boy doll for Sallie. They wrapped it in colorful paper and left it in the center of the nursery where Sallie appeared more often than
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