Sallie Mcfague's 'Judaism And Economic Reform'

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The wealth distribution has been a major problem in modern society. The economic system has currently divided the nation more into a society of either being classified as rich or poor. The allocation of goods and services are not equally distributed worldwide. We are supposed to live as one and share goods and services equally, but because of capitalism, there are many individuals that must live a self- interest and greedy lifestyle to survive. Since resources are scarce, we live in an all for one society. We herd many scholars mention the distribution; however, about the economic system they are usually political and philosophical perspectives; however, fails to evaluate the religion aspects of the economy. This essay will assess Sallie McFague’s…show more content…
Solomon tries to imply that the Jewish scripture and teaching can help to influence the status of society. According to Solomon’s, the “scripture is not concern with designing an economic system, but rather with how to implement justice and compassion” (97). Many religions like Islamic might argue that the scripture can develop the system; however, Judaism is claiming that we can use the scripture to improve the society. However, McFague’s argument is that we should stop limited our ability of just concerning our needs as human-being because we are not just the only thing that occupies the world. For instance, we must consider the environment and other living organisms. McFague’s is trying to argue to Solomon that we must move toward thinking about sustaining the world, not just the human-beings. Therefore, she mentions that the those of the Christian Faith embraces “all creations and not just human beings who make up less than one percent of it”( McFague 120). McFague is saying that other religions should just stop concerning about…show more content…
Both scholars point out that we are in this structure of an economy system that has to contribute to the problem. Solomon presents the argument about a Jewish Theory model, which focuses on improving the attitude towards wealth distribution. Also, support the argument with Psalm 24 “the earth is the lord’s and fullness thereof,” which means that people have a higher power, which is a god who helps provide us with these resources (100). Therefore, it should be distributed equitable if you change our attitude from being selfish and let God guide us (100). God gave you the privilege to have wealth, which means you have to act right or that privilege can be taking away because of your greed. However, McFague 's feels that a model like Solomon reflects a neoclassical model, which is basically about only benefiting its members. Therefore, the Jewish Theory model would only reflect the human-beings that praise their god instead of try to promote a more sustainable society for all things. Mcfague argues that the ecological, economic model is the model that society should transition to from the neoclassical model. The ecological economic model is more about a community, which is society living and nonliving things as a whole. She is not being critical of other religions because she mentions that Christians are more likely to use the neoclassical model. McFague suggests that the ecological

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