Astronaut Act 11 Scene 11 Analysis

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By Kira Gold, Lizzy Gotay, Ryan Duglin, and Sid

Set in the 1980s. Sally, Robert and John are astronauts training to go into space. Michael is their boss.

Sally Ride - First American woman in space - astronaut - really mature and responsible, sarcastic and independent with sass
Kira - Michael A. Frosch- Head of NASA, very bossy and demanding but also nice
John W. Young - Astronaut who was the captain aboard the first space shuttle
Robert L. Crippen - Astronaut who was aboard the first space shuttle with John Young

It takes a couple of years just to get the background and knowledge that you need before you can go into detailed training for your mission.- Sally Ride

When you work really hard for something for a long time
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I have a plan to get rid of her, but I’ll tell you at a later time. I’ll call you at 4.

Michael: Ok, boss.

Act 1. Scene 2.
(at approximately 3:59)
(astronauts are talking in the break room after their work day is over)
Robert: What’s an astronaut’s favorite key on the keyboard??

Michael: I don’t know, what?

John: Is it the dollar sign because astronauts are rich?

Sally: no, What is it Robert?

Robert: It’s a space bar!!!
Robert, Michael and John: *laughs*

Sally: That joke is so corny, I can’t believe you even said that.

Michael: hey, it made us laugh!

Sally: It didn’t make me laugh.

Michael: Well, maybe if you had a sense of humor…

Sally: I DO TOO have a sense of humor!

Michael: sure, honey.
*Michael’s phone rings*
*Michael goes into the next room and answers the phone*

(Robert, John and Sally listen in, leaning against the corner wall so they can hear Michael’s conversation) *They hear:
Michael: Hello?
Michael: Yeah, I’m alone. What’s the plan?
Michael: I don’t think I can do that. What if the public finds out??
(When david yells he can be heard faintly by the astronauts)

David: No-one will find out! Don’t be a coward, Michael. Make it look like an accident! But whatever you do, Sally has to
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*starts to cry*
In this day and age? What did I ever do? *full on crying*

Robert: It’s okay Sally, We’ll protect you.

Sally: You guys have to stay with me the whole time. Promise me you won’t let me go alone.

Robert: We promise.

John: How are we going to stop Michael?

Robert: (jokingly) We should put HIM in the hatch! Like he was going to to do Sally.

John: (as if a light bulb went off above his head) Rob! That’s actually not a bad idea.

Robert: We can’t kill our boss...? I think that’s illegal *forced giggle*

John: If the three of us can do to Michael exactly what he was planning to do to Sally, then the guy who was covering Michael’s tracks would actually be covering our tracks!

Sally: Guys, are you sure you want to do this? If we get caught, our careers would be over forever!

Robert: It’s worth it, we don’t want anything to happen to you! We aren’t just your co-workers, the three of us are best friends.

John: Wait. Sally, don’t you have a Saint Bernard that’s conveniently going off into space with us?

Sally: Yeah, why do you ask?

Robert: What if we train the Saint Bernard to kill
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