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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND— Early this year, Baltimore Antiques Show became Baltimore Art, Antique & Jewelry Show. When the name change was announced, several people raised their eyebrows. They could not understand why it was necessary to change the name of this fair that has become a major Baltimore attraction. In his response to critics, Scott Diament, President and CEO of the Palm Beach Show Group explained that the group had to change the name of the fair to reflect all participants. According to him, the number of art "dealers currently participating in the show that deal in paintings, sculptures rival all shows in the Mid- Atlantic region." This year 's Baltimore Art, Antique & Jewelry Show justifies the name change. More than 80% of the exhibitors…show more content…
Sally Swatland’s paintings are focused on leisure and the joys of everyday life. Her paintings of people at the beach reveal the excitement of people enjoying life. Early Morning on the Island depicts a happy woman picking shells on the beach side on a beautiful morning. The woman’s white dress flows with the wind, radiantly illuminated by the beautiful morning sun. The play on light and color are major qualities that help elevate the characters in Sally Swatland’s paintings. Her paintings are like cheerful laughers on a beautiful day. As with other years, Baltimore Art, Antique & Jewelry Show laid out the red carpets for guests and collectors. The red carpet paved the path to amazing artworks by old masters and exceptional young artists. Kendal Fine Art was a major point of attraction for art collectors and art lovers who were interested in the works of old and new masters. The gallery came out with the best of the best. In the Kendal Fine Art booth was an interesting piece by David Hockney. Titled Harvard, the painting is a portrait of one of Hockney’s many friends. However, at the center of attention, is a Self Portrait Scribble Etching by Chuck Close. The twelve color soft-ground etching measuring 9.825 x 8.125 inches was done in the artist 's renowned

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