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On May 22nd, thousands of people packed a Manchester concert venue to watch popstar, Ariana Grande. The crowd included a range of people from young children to adults. On the same day, Salman Abedi planned to attack the thousands of unaware children and young adults gathered in the Manchester Arena. Abedi, a 22-year-old United Kingdom citizen, detonated a rucksack packed with a massive number of small metal objects. The explosion took place between the arena and the Victoria train stations just feet away from concert goers. After the explosion, many concert-goers tried to escape causing chaos in the area. The suicide bomb killed 22 people and injured countless others. The incident was considered a terrorist attack for many different reasons; the training of the bomber, the tactics used, the motives, and the people who claimed it.…show more content…
He was a Muslim who studied at the Manchester Islamic Centre. After the bombing, his neighbors described him as friendly or normal. United States officials believe Abedi was radicalized during a training abroad. It is also believed that shortly before the bombing Abedi went to Libya, traveled to Syria, and then trained with the Islamic State. He had proven ties to the Islamic State 's France chapter. Part of the reason the attack is considered terrorism is that Abedi received training from ISIS. Another reason the attack is considered an act of terrorism is the tactic used. The Manchester bombing was a suicide bombing. The motives of the suicide bombing were to cause fear and harm people in Manchester. These motives align with the short-term goals of ISIS, to discredit the Western world and to instill fear. Officials know that ISIS organized the attack because they claimed the attack after the

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