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Position Paper of Salman Rushdie Special Convention On Religion And Terror – Attack on offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris Prithvi Raj Trivandrum International School Sir Ahmed Salman Rushdie has expressed his support for The French Satirical Magazine Charlie Hebdo numerous times, and at various forums. During his speech at the University of Vermont in Burlington, on the 14th of January 2015, Rushdie stated that he resents the way that his dead comrades, who use the same implement he uses, i.e. a pen or…show more content…
He said “ The moment you limit free speech, its not free speech”. Rushdie believes that religion should be a choice and not forced upon people, personally he is an atheist and disagrees with the existence of god. At an interview where his growing up a Muslim was being discussed, He said, “For me to go to boarding school in England and eat a ham sandwich was a revolutionary act, and full disproved the existence of God, because I was not struck down by a thunder bolt as I consumed the ham sandwich.” Salman believes that religious education, if it is not interpreted and understood correctly is useless and has no positive impact, for example, Eid prayers in India are in Arabic even though very few Indian Muslims know it, and he feels it is pointless. Children, according to him, are the vessels into which adults pour their poison. In the same speech he addresses his experience combatting a bill to the British constitution that made it illegal to criticize religion. He recalls that he was one of the people who become involved in trying to prevent the bill from being passed. He is completely for Laïcité and believes that there should be no religious involvement with respect to the decisions taken by or operation of the government. Religion should be kept separate. Salman Rushdie does not believe in religion as a tool for peace, he is quite against religion; he stated…show more content…
We live in a global village that has many religions in it and hence should not make laws that are partial to few or put others at a disadvantage. Religions have contradicting opinions on topics and no law supporting or declaring that any one opinion is correct should be passed. Looking at it from a broader perspective, religion should not interfere with the rights of people, such as freedom of speech. Salman Rushdie himself felt the blunt of this as the supreme leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a Fatwa against him, calling for his assassination following the publication of his novel, The Satanic Verses in the l980s. He claimed that the book was against religion as an Islam itself. A similar of the same happened in India, the country Salman Rushdie was born in, the book’s sale and possession was banned as a small minority of Muslims claimed that it hurt their sentiments, and that the government not taking any action against it was going against it Secular policy, thus a religion influenced the operation of a government and its laws, this is precisely why a global charter should be made, in order segregate the two and prevent one disruption the efficient operation of the other. The same was also the cause of the Charlie

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