Salmonella Typhi Research Paper

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Salmonella Typhi
The typhoid bacillus or simply typhoid is caused by salmonella typhi bacteria, it usually and mostly infect only humans. Entric fever and paralyphoid are from other species of salmonella, this infect all domestic animals and also human. The typhoid fever is an acute and a dangerous disease that is caused by bacterium salmonella entrica serovar Typhi. The bacteria enters the body of human trough the ingestion of contaminated substance ( i.e water, food e.t.c) from the mouth which then affect the intestine wall and multiplies in the lymphoid tissue and thereafter infect the blood stream and lead to bacteremia.
Typhoid fever or Salmonella typhi major epidemics have been linked to pollution of public water. Whereas
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The same lifecycle is followed by all species of Salmonella as the cell is passed through the intestine with fecal matter and leave the host when defection has occur and through ingestion of the bacteria, Salmonella Typhi is then transferred to a new host, this happens through the consumption of contaminated water and food, while the bacteria passes through the stomach into the intestine and start its replication process.
Diagnosis of Typhoid bacteria is done by blood, stool couture and the serological testing. For the body fluid couture, sample of blood, urine or bone marrow is examine on equipment that will identify the growth of the bacteria under a microscope, this will identify if typhoid is present. The most sensitive test for the bacteria is the bone marrow couture.
Treatment of the infection is usually done with antibiotics, such as Ciproflaxen, Ceftriaxone e.t.c, the antibiotics aid the lowering of the Salmonella Typhi from the body and as well protects fever and further

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