Salome Character Analysis

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What is Salome? The play Salome takes place during biblical times. Around 30 A.D. , in King Herod’s palace in Jerusalem, Salome is the daughter of Herodias and the stepdaughter of King Herod. The king killed his own brother who is actually the biological father of Salome. Herod shortly after married Herodias who at one time was the wife to his brother. Herod likes to intensely look at his stepdaughter which shows signs of incest. Salome does not approve of his stepfather’s intense glance, so she flees to the grounds when it is a full moon. She hears a voice from beneath the ground. The voice which she hears is of Jochanaan who is a prophet of God. He has been imprisoned by the King Herod. Salome is intrigued by his voice so she orders the captain of the guard to open the metal door of the well. It is prohibited to open it, but the guard still follows the princess desire. As Jochanaan comes out of captivity, he condems Herodia’s marriage to Herod. Salome is fascinated by this character calling out his beautiful white skin, his black hair, and red lips, but he doesn’t seem to be interested in her. She begs him for a kiss multiple times, but he refuses and returns to the well. Thereafter, the king and Herodias appear for a feast. King Herod always looking at his stepdaugher orders her to dance, but she refuses. He begs her to dance and tells her that she can have anything she wants from half the kingdom to magnificent jewerly. She agrees, but for a price. Salome dances
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