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NTCC SUMMER REPORT ON “Salon Industry-The Brand Recognition and Awareness” SUBMITTED TO AMITY INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL, NOIDA BACHELORS OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION- INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF (Mrs. Priyanka Malik) SUBMITTED BY: ANURAG GUPTA (A1833314181) ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This undertaking report is a consequence of committed exertion. It gave me enormous delight to set up this task report on 'Salon Industry-The Brand Recognition and Awareness' . I might want to thank my undertaking speaker - Mrs. Priyanka Malik who helped me all through the procedure of my examination. CERTIFICATE The undertaking report entitled, 'Salon Industry-The Brand Recognition and Awareness' Put together by Anurag Gupta , BBA-IB Enrolment No : A1833314181…show more content…
Redken was understood for its broad system of salon instructors. L'Oreal soon understood that Redken had worldwide potential as an American brand of American beginning. L'Oreal knew how to apply its methodology of securing US brands to coordinate its current European ones. L'Oreal saw its rival and figured out how that organization worked. At that point they would locate a superior approach to deal with the opposition 2and they would purchase them and improve an even stature of the brand. The last obtaining that I need to discuss that emerges over every one of the 2others is the buy of Kiehl's. They are a New York based claim to fame store that offers top of the line beauty care products which gives L'Oreal another point of preference into another business sector 2of the extravagance division with the objective of offering in higher end stores. As should be obvious every one of these acquisitions assume a vital part 2in the development L'Oreal and how they turned into the world's biggest magnificence organization. COMPETITOR ANALYSIS Competitors around the Looks Salon ? Monsoon salon…show more content…
Age 2. Gender 3. Family size 4. Family life cycle 5. Income 6. Occupation 7. Education The business sector is fragmented taking into account age and sex. Since clients can be effectively fulfilled in distinctive age gathers in diverse ways. What's more, clients under same age gathering may reaction in a comparative manner & other age gatherings react in diverse courses for same administrations gave 1by the cantina. Most salons don't consider the male business sector. In this manner the business is additionally ordered by sexual orientation on the grounds that diverse administrations can be presented for guys too. The business sector of Looks Salon is divided by & sex. In this manner the Multi Attribute 1Demographic Segmentation is utilized to section the business sector. This is the way the business is divided. TARGETING Focusing on is the following stride of target showcasing procedure. With a specific end goal to choose proper portion or fragments to serve taking after steps must be taken after. 1. Evaluating engaging quality of every fragment. Deciding what number of 1and what fragments to target. Evaluating attractiveness of each segment Looks Salon is arranged at Delhi area.

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