Sal's Sandwich Investigation

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Sal's Sandwich Shop sells wraps and sandwiches as part of its lunch specials. The profit on every sandwich is $2 and the profit on every wrap is $3. Sal made a profit of $1,470 from lunch specials last month. The equation 2x + 3y = 1,470 represents Sal's profits last month, where x is the number of sandwich lunch specials sold and y is the number of wrap lunch specials sold. Change the equation to slope-intercept form. Identify the slope and y-intercept of the equation. Be sure to show all your work. To change the or any equation to slope-intercept form or to identify the Y intercept you must follow some steps to make sure you get the right answer. For this I am going to just break down the equation and show how I get my answer. First, we are going to just write out the equation, simple enough.…show more content…
(-2) – 2 To find the value of 3y all we must do is add 1,470 and the negative factor of 2x (–2x) + 1,470 = {3y} Let “/” represent a fraction. Now we are going to find the value of 3y/3 (–2x/3) + (1,470/3) = {3y/3} Then we are going to find the value of Y (–2x/3) + 490 = {y} For this word problem, after following the steps to find it, the Y-intercept is {490} and the slope is {-2/3x} Describe how you would graph this line using the slope-intercept method. Be sure to write using complete sentences. Well in this case I guess I would find and graph the Y-intercept. And then I would take the pointer and move three times to the right of the graph and then two points to the bottom Write the equation in function notation. Explain what the graph of the function represents. Be sure to use complete sentences. For this I am going to write the equation as so down below: F(x) = -2x/3 +

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