Salsa Dance In The Usa

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The controversial issue of the origins of the salsa dance and music dominates the music industry in the US. Various explanations exist on the factors and circumstances which led to the emergence of the Salsa dance in the United States. Moreover, the contribution of different Afro-Latin music styles in the development of salsa music and dance styles have been under dispute. These Afro-Latin music styles stem their impacts on themes such as sentimental expressions, ideological and religious sentiments, present occurrences and the supernatural. The Colonial rule of the Cuban and Puerto Rico regions by the Spaniards and North American conquest promoted activities such as slavery among Africans. The interaction of the Spaniards and Africans led to the evolution of various Afro-Latin music styles and genres. The analytical outcome of the results highly relied on articles, journals and research papers. The electronic sources majorly derive their publication from credible, websites and databases. The above procedure yielded various results. Initially, both Cuba and Puerto Rico played major roles in the development of the salsa. Cuban music featured highly among the Puerto Ricans, and after US taking control, it became popularized. Henceforth, the North Americans influenced the Cuban-Puerto Rican musical styles towards the development of the Salsa. The state of control of the US, saw Puerto Rico benefit from the influence of Afro-Latin America musical aspects through extensive

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