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Salsa recipe The Salsa sauce recipe can be dated back to the 1500s with the Inca people. Salsa which is a mix of tomatoes chilies, peppers and other spices) is associated with the Incandescent, Aztecs and Mayas. During the conquest of Mexico,the Spaniards first discovered tomatoes, and thus the beginning of the salsa sauce. The sauce was traditionally served with Fish, lobster, chicken and all other meals. This combination was first called Salsa by Alonso de Molina in the year 1571. The salsa sauce has been a supplement for ketchup to many Americans and has been a American favorite for many centuries. The two major ingredients, tomatoes and chilli, are indigenous to the Central America continent. This perfect salsa recipe has the advantage…show more content…
The salsa sauce contains a huge dose of vitamin c, present in the lime juice, tomatoes and onions. Vitamin c acts as an oxidant and helps to protect the heart from any diseases. Vitamin C has good anti-aging properties. Vitamin C is lost easily when exposed to heat but since salsa require no heating process, the vitamin C is well preserves in the meal. The yummy salsa recipe has in it fiber, which stabilizes blood sugar. The tomato in the meal contains over 95 percent water, which helps to hydrate the body. Every part of the human cell needs water to perform more efficiently. Tomatoes also contains carotenoid lycopene, a substance that has been researched and said to help reduce cancer risks. The jalapenos found in this delicious salsa recipe get their spiciness from a component known as capsaicin, this component increases the body 's ability to burn fat and hence, promotes weight loss making this meal very healthy for people going on weight loss diets. Too much cholesterol is bad for the body, the salsa dish beats this by having no cholesterol. Salsa contains only plant ingredients and it 's cholesterol free. One serving of salsa sauce has an average of 10 calories. The recipe contains alot of potassium, potassium helps our body regulate our fluids and minerals. It plays an important role in regulating the body

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