Salsa Strength

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I cannot imagine how I had gotten my feet to move, but I had found myself enthusiastically swinging my body around the room when hearing the instructor count: one, two,three and four repeatedly as each muscle throughout my body, swung around, to each beat being counted. I had waited for these exciting moments, where having fun and being myself suited each moment dancing. Now, upon learning how to salsa, there were various discoveries that I had discovered along the way - my new strengthens and weaknesses such as my ability to quickly adapt to a different style of music than what I am usually exposed to, my ability to balance myself while my partner spins me, my ability to expand my creativity while dancing and lastly my ability to be more confident with my body while I am dancing as salsa forces you to be more sensual while dancing. However, every strength has…show more content…
Salsa, in my opinion is positive as it elevates our mood by rising our endorphin levels which allows for our prelim stress to be relieved. Salsa also teaches us to be comfortable with our bodies as well as teaches us to be grateful for the things our body can do, at this age, therefore raising our self-esteem which is important as at this phase in our lives as we are constantly beating ourselves and comparing ourselves to the standards of others. Salsa, among its emotional benefits, has many health benefits such as: preventing osteoporosis, arthritis, lowers our cholesterol and helps with weight maintenance for those who are not sports driven. As a dancer, I am always looking for a new style of dance to perfect even if it is difficult at first. After my experience with Salsa dancing and seeing how exciting it is, I will definitely be taking another Salsa course. This experience has allowed me to increase my self-confidence, motivation to be and do better, my self-discipline and mostly importantly my
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