Salt And Storm Analysis

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A Storm of Emotions Snuggling into my wool blanket and into my cozy bed, I grabbed my phone and earbuds, putting on some soothing music. Being a person who is easily distracted, I purchased my book so I could read it on an electronic. Reading on a dimly lit screen has helped me finished the book, Salt and Storm by Kendall Kulper, a lot more quicker than reading it on grainy paper. When reading novels, it’s very hard to get me interested in the book. But with Salt and Storm, it was actually pretty interesting. According to Avery Roe’s dream, she interpreted that she will would be murdered. This was quite a huge shock to me, since I considered this to be sort of a spoiler alert. Despite this, I enjoyed reading Salt and Storm because it had the…show more content…
What I didn’t really like about it, was the lack of development for their relationship. To me, it seemed that she hated his guts, then boom! He says he is able to break her mother’s curse which makes her already attracted to him. I believe the author could’ve had the two slowly open up to each other, and maybe include a few awkward moments that shows the development of their love for each other. Despite the minor setback, I could not contain my excitement and muffled my squeals with a pillow. When I had reached the heart wrenching moment, I could not help but cry for Avery’s loss. Closing in on the last few chapters, I could feel fresh tears streaming down my face. Avery Roe suffered the loss of her first love, the rejection and death of her grandmother, and finally realized why her mother had locked her away in their grand mansion. For her mother, instead of getting heartbroken, she felt failure every time she made spells, and it was her own daughter that broke her heart. “Love will lead to ruin. Death is a comfort. (Kendall Kulper 392).” Overall, the book, Salt and Storm, was about a girl trying to break free of her mother’s curse in order to become the island’s next Roe
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