Salt And Truth By Shelby Lee Adams Summary

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Salt & Truth Analysis The Photographer Shelby Lee Adams captures the photographs of Appalachian Families and enjoys his work. In Adams’ Artist Statement, he himself writes that, “Every summer, travelling through the mountains photographing, I am somehow able to renew and relive my childhood. I love these people, perhaps that is it, plain and simple.” Shelby Lee Adams in his “Salt & Truth” collection captures pictures of Appalachian families in black and white. if we take a look at one of his photograph, “Eddie Wayne in Living Room, 2010” , Shelby captures a man in his living room. The photograph is black and white with a man and some things around him. The background of the picture shows a wall with so many pictures on it and the…show more content…
But it might not be the case and it could be that the living room is so small that everything doesn’t fit in it. But this could be me, viewing things in a totally different way but the thing is why does this photograph and everything in it makes me conclude that? Is it because of my knowledge about Appalachian people or the picture itself is speaking to me? His raised eyebrow and crossed arms shows strength and that is totally different than anything in the picture. He might be visiting this place occasionally to look back at the memories and cherish them. There are a lot of dolls on the table which shows they might belong to his kids or grandkids. The pictures on the wall shows time lapse of their family from when they got married to have kids and to now when he is old and alone. The picture furthermore tells us about his lifestyle and how he grew up, one of the picture have him standing next to the car, it shows us about his early times. The electric wires can be seen on the wall and are not underground as they are now in the modern times, which shows that this place is really old, but the picture was taken most recent in
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