The Hottentot Venus: Documentary Analysis

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This documentary made me feel disgusted with humankind. A poor 20-year-old woman was taken away and automatically was displayed for The Hottentot Venus. What was I confused is how she was taken away? I probably missed it but I was confused. Anyways, I disliked the idea of how they made Sara look like a freak due to some of the traits that she carried. For example, her buttocks. And the fact that when she died, the people did not want to give her body back to her family. Why on earth would someone who did not know Sara would have the right to have her spirit with them instead of their family? It’s absurd. They made Sara look like a scientific experiment. People looked and made it seem that she was abnormal and crazy. She did not her family around so I can…show more content…
Especially for those who are mothers. Life during slavery seemed very depressing. It makes me mad when slave mothers did not get the choice of keeping their children. It shouldn’t even be an option. If they did keep their children, they were considered lucky. But the child becomes a slave or sometimes, they were sold to other people. Even if the child was conceived by a black female and white male. Before reading this article, I knew slavery was horrible but reading deeply into it scares me. How can someone live like this? Did anyone have the idea of escaping? If I was in that position, I would have tried escaping, meaning I could have died? It’s horrifying! Especially if you want to become a mother and having your child torn away from you. Even if the women slave was pregnant, they were still forced to work on the field. So even after birth, they would be sent to straight to work? I can not imagine how worse it was for black male slaves. Some owners made their slaves have sex with other slaves to conceive babies. Doesn't that make it rape? The old era sounds more disgusting every time I learn something new about
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