Salt Sugar Fat Book Review

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In the book Salt Sugar Fat Michael Moss show how big named corporations are using our bodies anatomy by using sugar, alt and fat to have an effect that is very similar to the addiction of cocaine. They refer to the addiction they have created as a “bliss point”. The article “Dirty Secret of the Food Processing Industry” is about how food corporations are doing whatever it takes to ensure our business. Both of the book and the article are showing how companies are doing research get us addicted to their product, and increasing their profits. Companies are making us need a product that we did not even need until they made it, they are also using the cheapest ingredients they could find without worrying about the consumer. Companies are connecting …show more content…

There is a common phrase that which is cooking is everything taste better when it made with love. According to Sally Fallon “ An active charge of happiness, purity and peace will pour forth into the food.” The experience that we encounter while eating stay in our minds. I learn in my health science that we eat to make ourselves feel a certain way or just to help remember an important experience in our life. It may seem like something made up, but why is ice cream something we eat when we are sad. Ice-cream is associated with happy member that we attach to the it. Moss also discussed how Coca cola want to be at important moment of our lives. In movie theater, amusement parks, and sport event Coca cola is present, they are there so they are remember as a spirit lifter. “You’re on those moments, you 're are drinking there products,you have that emotional context that set it”(Moss 98). Coca cola always has the cutest commercial that make me wish I had a moment like the ones broad casted. Coca Cola does not make their product with love the consumers, but love for their profits.Their company is very well know due to the fact that they have been at joyful situations in your life. I honestly did not see that until I came across this book. Cola coke slips in our without us knowing, but is always then when we need to go back to the moments that made us …show more content…

Food companies are not responsible for what we put in our mouth. The book Salt Sugar Fat discusses many think that we know, but really take the time to think about. Companies are creating products that we did not we need until they were made available to us. Thousands of new products are claiming to be new invention, but are really products we had before now with more sugar, fat and salt added with a new design. We think about happy moments in our life there is a probabilities that some sort of food was involved. Food companies want us to remember their products in the background, so that their product can be connected to our memories, and want their products to make us feel a certain way. Our foods have many ingredients that we are not aware of and are unable to pronounce. We are not longer eating, because we are hunger. Companies are make the world their laboratory, and doing whatever it take to get us to eat their products. In many experiments their test subject suffer from health problem and even die, but if the problem was solve nothing wrong. Companies no care what happens to the consumers if their profit continue to increase. Before putting that cookies or processed food in your mouth, think about how you 're the rat that has no

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