Salt Sugar Fat Book Summary

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Book Reflection #1 – Salt Sugar Fat

Michael Moss takes us into the dark world of the food industry in his book Salt, Sugar, Fat. These food giants know that they have the population hooked with a concoction of salt, sugar, and fat that makes food addictive and tasty.

Starting with sugar, I always knew that sugar was addictive and have personally struggled with complete elimination. However, reading about how they use children to taste test food was completely appalling. They are addicting children young and creating lifelong consumers, until they develop diabetes at a young age.

Moving on to fat, it is necessary in packaged items since it creates “mouthfeel” and tricks the brain. Even with the bad publicity surrounding fat, cheese and lunchmeat have a stronghold on the population.
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David Perlmutter examines the effect of grain on the brain. He believes that the food we eat has a dramatic impact upon the potential for getting diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease, and other degenerative illness.
It all starts with wheat. This grain is nothing like the wheat of our ancestors due to the modification and processing that occurs today. I completely agree with Dr. Perlmutter that wheat and, from a larger perspective, gluten can have a huge impact upon the brain and other parts of the body. I have seen my own mother suffer with multiple sclerosis and know she could benefit from eliminating gluten and other dietary changes. Plus, I have had less neurological issues since going gluten free over 10 years ago.

Dr. Perlmutter provides scientific proof and information of the evils of grains, especially gluten, on the body and points to the inflammation factor as the cause. On page 62, he remarks “… no organ is more susceptible to the deleterious effects of inflammation than the brain.” He then continues with data regarding how society views fats evil while they are nourishing to the
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