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Saltillo High School is an extremely large school with a diverse student body. Drafting a rule book that can accommodate all the different races, religions, and cultures attending the school would most definitely be a formidable task, and although the rules that are in place now accomplish that for the most part, I feel as though a better job could have been done. I would slightly alter the dress code, I would push the first bell back about a half hour, and, lastly, I would enforce exams for all students.
The dress code in place at Saltillo is mostly fair; therefore, the few things I would change are minor. Firstly, I would make certain the male and female dress codes are enforced equally. For example: if a girl would be sent home for a hole
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Saltillo High School no longer assigns lockers to students, but it should. Students will often have multiple books and binders to carry home every day in their bags resulting in a sore back and shoulders from the strain of the heavy backpack. The lockers are already in place, so allowing the students to use them would not cost the school any money. There really is no reason why the students should not be able to have access to them.
The students at Saltillo are not allowed to use lockers, but should be; they are allowed to be exempt from exams, but should not be. This might seem like a good thing to many students, but it actually the opposite. When the students who make A’s and B’s in high school make it to college, they have no clue how to study for, or take an exam, because they never had to before. By not forcing students to take exams, Saltillo High School is failing to fully prepare their students for life outside of high school.
The changes that should be made to the rule book at Saltillo High School are minor but they would definitely make the school function a lot better and allow the students leave the school ready for what is to come. By simply altering the dress code slightly, allowing use of the lockers that are already there, and making exams a requirement, Saltillo could be a place where students

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