Salva Dut Analysis

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Did you know according to “Adoption Coalition” during the year of 1985 about 4.5 million children in South Sudan lived with neither of their parents? Salva Dut, was around the age of 11 when his whole life was flipped upside down. His village of Loun-Ariik in South Sudan was under attack; Sudanese people from South Sudan were rebelling against the government and Salvas village was there first halting point. Salva then had to pick up and leave his family and village behind; he encountered tons of treacherous environments and harsh situations such as crossing the Gilo River while bullets flew each one aiming at The Lost Boys. Salva then fled to Ethiopia after being separated from his family he was then reunited with his Uncle.His time with his Uncle didn’t last very long; rebels from the rivaling Nuer tribe put an end to his Uncle’s life. That didn’t stop Salva though he continued to be tenacious and persevered;…show more content…
His reason for waking up and his reason for walking. We can learn to cherish our bonds and that they can’t be taken for granted because it could all be gone in a snapshot. The topic of Salva and his South Sudan experience can help us all; learn how grateful we should be. The lost boys in South Sudan journeyed through menacing situations going days without water and food. Having to flee from place to place constantly in fear of rebels sneaking up on them and having to do it all while orphaned. From there experiences and how they overcome them we can learn perseverance, family and leadership.As a conclusion, Salva teaches us all gratitude and perseverance;Salva went through a good portion of his life without a home, family or permanent residence and still was thankful for everything ever shared or given to him. Therefore when you think of “home, ” what specifically do you think
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