Salva From The Handmaid Analysis

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The story is about Salva’s life in the war-torn country of South Sudan. At the beginning Salva was in school one day and soldiers came from North Sudan, they were destroying the village. The teacher told everyone, even Salva to run into the bush away from the shooting. The first thing that happened to Salva was that he joined a group of Dinkas, but they left him at a barn by himself. Salva was afraid that he will have nowhere to go, but he met Auntie who let him stay for a couple nights until Salva got accepted into another Dinka group. While Salva was walking with the group of Dinkas, he met a boy named Marial who is a lot like Salva. After walking with Marial in the group, he finds his Uncle who he has not seen for years. But Salva lost his
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