Salva In A Long Walk To Water

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In the novel “A long Walk to Water” the main characters nya and salva are alike in many ways yet they are different in unique ways.Some of the concepts that are common and uncommon about nya and salva is Time, Family, and each of their personalities. There are many explanations how those three concept are both alike and different. So with the concept time, one thing that is different about them is the time periods between both of them. Nya’s life was taken place in 2008, while salva’s story was taken place in 1985. Although, in both of their time period there were wars going on. In salva life the rebels were in a war against the government, over what religion should be used. And in Nya life, her and salvas tribe (Newer and the Dinka) were…show more content…
Some things that are like about Nya and salva, is that they both have to take on great responsibility at a young age. Nya had the responsibility of providing water for her family, while her dad and her brother go get food. And salva was a young boy under his father’s arms, who soon had to take over the herd of cattle his dad own. Nya and salva are also different because, nya had a lot of pressure put on her when doing her duties. She had to make sure that she came back on time, and she has to protect herself, because she does her duties alone. While salva didn’t really get pressured that much, because his father was over the cattle and he could get someone else to do it. And the last and final concept, which is family. Although the differences between these two families are major, they do still have things that are common about them. Nya’s family is considered lower class, they have to work and get their own. Salva’s family is considered high class, because salva’s father is the villages judge, and he own his own herd of cattle. Both of these families are born and raised in south sudan , although they are not apart of the same tribes. Nys’s family is apart of the Newer tribe, and Salva’s family is apart of the Dinka tribe. With all of that said, Nya’s and Salva’s lives are different in many ways, but not so much as alike, when contributing the three concepts time, family, and personalities. But this shows that all people can be alike no matter how different their worlds
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