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Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali Fragrances History
Noted as jack of all arts, Salvador Dali was known initially for his remarkable paintings, but as the tag suggests, he had been engaged in films, sculpture, photography, and similar forms of interactive media. He has been at par with famous writers and artists whom he was conversing with since his training days in San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts onwards. His inclinations are realist classification of arts where he started his Surrealism and Cubism style in artworks.
Perfume industry may be looked upon as something that is quite far from Salvador Dali’s line but it is at some point close. In fact, he once claimed in one of his work of arts that, “Of the five senses, the sense of smell conveys the sense of immortality”. This seems to have been in the making back when he was at the peak of his career as a year after his wife’s death in 1982, the very first Salvador Dali 1983 perfume came about
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It was a Christmas gift I got from my ever loving husband and I was more than delighted to read the note he attached with it saying the fragrance symbolizes how much he loves me and how classic his passion is when it comes to my beautiful personality. He’s aware that I would not have any other perfume but Salvador Dali’s and he knows all the more the flavor I would pick as it would always be one and the same.”
Delilah B. 30
“You can really tell the difference between a Salvador Dali perfumes from another. From that artsy creative perfume bottle to the audacious content inside, you can say that indeed it is an artist’s work. There is not that much boutiques to find such smart finds but I see to it I get my 350ml bottle on a regular basis. The rich oriental scent seemed to have been characterized in every bottle of perfume and I will never ever change brands, which is why I never had anything but Dali’s for the last 15 years.
Georgina L.

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