Salvador Dali: 'Intelligence Without Ambition Is A Bird Without Wings'

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Salvador Dali “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings”. (“Salvador Dali Quotes.” BrainyQuote, Xplore, This quote by Salvador Dali is a description about how though you may have intelligence but without the drive to do anything that you are basically rendering intelligence useless. Salvador Jacinto Dali y Domenech was born in Figueres, Spain on May 11, 1904. His parents were very different his father Salvador Dali y Cusi was a very strict father raising his children with an iron fist and great discipline but still encouraged Dali’s artistic ability his father worked as a lawyer however, His mother Felipa Domenech Ferres was a sweet hearted women who encouraged his artistic ability’s…show more content…
During his child hood his father showed him many graphic photos of sexual diseases which became an obsession and a large inspiration for his arts. In 1916 he was enrolled in a drawing school where he improved his skills. Also in 1916 he made a trip with a local artist’s family the artists name is Ramon Pichiot, which he frequently did. This trip was a large step in Salvador Dali painting career he was inspired by all of the modern art that he saw in Paris. In 1917 he had had his first art exhibition which was held in his family home and was organized by his father. Not to long after this in 1919 he had his very first public art exhibition in Figueres at the Municipals Theater which was a great achievement in his art career. Not to long after he had such a great achievement a disaster hit in 1921 and effected Salvador Dali Greatly this was the death of his Mother who passed due to breast cancer had trouble dealing with this at the age of 16. Dali stated that his mother’s death “was the greatest blow I had experienced in my life I worshipped her, I could not resign myself to the loss of a being on who I counted on to make invisible the unavoidable blemishes of my soul”( “Salvador Dali.”, A&E Networks Television, 27 Oct. 2017,…show more content…
This was where Dali started to realize importance of surrealism. Salvador Dali said “Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.”(“Biography Salvador Dali.” Biography Online, . In 1936 Francisco Franco rose to power Salvador Dali was one of the only people with considered to be smart that supported Franco. Salvador Dali was not one who was extremely involved in his political view and didn’t push them on people most of his fellow friends that were artist did not support Dali because they believed that his fascism beliefs and felt disrespected that Dali supported

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