Salvador Dali: Surreal Artist

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Surreal Artists
Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali y Domenech or more commonly known as Salvador Dali was born on May 11, 1904 in Figueras, Spain. He was a surrealist painter and printmaker was known for his subconscious and peculiar imagery. He attended a famous art university in Madrid. As he was studying art he practiced many different styles of art. As he was studying art he practiced subconscious imagery. He was also exhibited his work in many areas, lectured, and wrote about art in a very young age. In order for him to paint, he often put himself in hallucinatory states, so that he could images for him to work with (Salvador)
In 1929, Salvador Dali became part of a surrealist movement. He was the most visible and extraordinary artist among
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She was among the famous Surrealists. There was a Mexican revolution in 1910. She changed her birth year in 1910, so that people could associate her with the Mexican revolution (Frida). When she was studying medicine in 1925, she got into a severe bus accident. It injured her to a level, where she almost had to go through 35 medical surgeries. She was suffering in the hospital. Because of that, she was often bored in the hospital. That was why she started painting (Frida Kahlo). She then painted until her death. She had about 55 self-portraits. Her paintings were her life. She once said: “I never paint dreams. I painted my own reality,” (Frida).
The main similarity between Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo was that they were both surrealists. Their art was strange and unusual, which is why they both have the same style. Because of their surrealistic style, they associated with others in which their art got improved. For Salvador Dali, he joined the surreal artists’ movement (Salvador). Frida Kahlo associated herself with Andre Breton, who greatly helped her with her artistic abilities (Frida Kahlo). Both of them had also self-portraits of them as part of their art
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Both paintings have bright and contrasted colours. The bright emphasizes in both paintings. For Salvador Dali’s painting the bright colour emphasizes in the middle. In Frida Kahlo’s painting is all over the painting. Both paintings have a little bit of dark colours in them. Salvador Dali has darker shades at the bottom of his paintings, and Frida Kahlo has her moneys and hummingbird in a dark shade too as it represents cruelty. Obviously both paintings are surreal and hard to understand just by looking at it. That is why both are a little unusual and weird, but certainly interesting to look at. In ‘Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird’ Frida Kahlo’s face is expressionless but one could make out that she is depressed due to the situation in the painting, which is her suffering. That is how it is for ‘The Persistence of Memory’ as well. The painting shows a dead and dry creature near water. That is why this picture is sad, in my opinion, because of its
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