Salvador Late Or Early Short Story

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Neglected boy in “Salvador Late or Early” by Sandra Cisneros Sandra Cisneros´ text draws attention to the underestimation and negligence of the main character- Salvador. It also points the monotony and pain in his life. “Salvador Late or Early” is a short story written by Sandra Cisneros. Salvador is a young boy who had to become a role figure for his brothers early in his life. He is lonely, insecure and neglected. Long sentences, built with the activities, which Salvador must fulfill each day shows the reader that Salvador is constantly in motion and cannot stop even for a moment. The theme of the story, then, is unrecognition, monotony and inner pain. Cisneros´ short story challenges the reader to feel sympathetic towards Salvador. With that essay I would like to prove the negligence of a young boy, point the monotony in everyday activities and Salvador´s life by mentioning his responsibilities,…show more content…
He became a father figure and has to take care of his sibling. He does all sort of things, beginning with waking his brothers up, then sending them to school and picking them up from school. He is never appreciated for what he does. There are few descriptions in the text that stand for my thesis: “Salvador of the crooked hair and crooked teeth”, “Salvador inside that wrinkled shirt”. Mothers usually send their children to the dentists, to the hairdressers and they iron their kids´ clothes. Salvador´s mother is too busy with the baby to notice her son´s appearance, his wrinkled shirt and mostly his devotion and help. “Inside that forty-pound body of boy (…)“ is an another description confirming the negligence of the main character. We can assume that Salvador is around 10 or 11 years old. His weight is equivalent to an average weight of a 4/5-year-old child. That said, he has an insufficient weight, probably caused by malnutrition. Salvador may be neglected himself but he won´t neglect the
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