Salvador Minuchin Family Therapy Analysis

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According to Family Therapy Concepts and Methods, the power of family therapy is the result of bringing parents and children together to change the way they interact (Nichols & Davis, 2017), instead of separating individuals from the emotional conflict, issues are addressed at the source of the problem, such as the approach taken by John Bell on group therapy which he analyzes in three stages. The first stage, the child-centered phase, he encouraged children 's involvement by getting them to express their opinions and feelings (Nichols & Davis, 2017). In the parent-centered stage, parents take into consideration the concerns of their children and disapprove of their child’s actions (Nichols & Davis, 2017). The final stage, the family-centered stage, encourages communication between family members to solve existing family problems (Nichols & Davis, 2017). The…show more content…
The most effective means of initiating therapy would be Salvador Minuchin structural family therapy, A short-term method that focuses on the present rather than the past, this school of therapy views a family 's behavior patterns and rituals as central to the problems of its individual members. Poor communication skills play a key role in perpetuating destructive interactions within families, such as the formation of alliances among some family members against others. The goals of structural family therapy include strengthening parental leadership clarifying boundaries, enhancing coping skills, and freeing family members from their entrenched positions within the family structure (Nichols & Davis, 2017). Family therapy is important to build strong family values and relationships; there are many families that have past hurt from generations that have not been addressed consequently causing discord and separation in the family because some members are still holding grudges. Some members avoid family gathers and other social events in fear that seeing certain people will cause them to act in an uncivilized
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