Salva's Struggle For Water In A Long Walk To Water

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This is the story of A Long Walk To Water by Linda Sue Park. This is a good story about a boy named Salva and a girl named Nya. They live in different times. Salva and Nya need water and food. Salva has to walk a long way to get away from a war. Nya has to walk a long way to get water. Some of the factors for Salva and Nya that make survival possible in A Long Walk To Water are water, family, and hope.
Water is a big factor for Salva and Nya. Salva needs water so he can make it through the desert and the rain forest. Nya needs the water because she has to walk a day's walk away and the water is normally dirty. In the story it says ‘“Her sickness came from the water.” the nurse explained.’ (45) Water is very important for the people of South Sudan. Water is very important to people. They need water to get water. In the text it states “Water had to be flowing constantly into borehole to keep the drill running smoothly.” (76)Water is important to the plants and to the machines.
Hope is a good thing to have because it can keep you motivated and keep you going. One thing that kept Salva going was the thought of how his friend and uncle and family would
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“There is no one left to help me. They think I am weak and useless.” Salva is getting stronger because no one will help him. He gets stronger the more he gets disincluded. Salva finds his uncle. Now he will be alright. “Eh nephew!” he said in a cheerful voice. “We are together now, so I will look after you.” (35) Salva gets help from his uncle. His uncle helps him get through the desert and the bush. Salva finds his father in the hospital. ‘Salva waited. Mawien Dut stared for a long moment. Then he cried out, “Salva! My son, my son!”’ (105) Salva learns that his oldest and youngest brother died, but his sisters and mother and brother were still alive in the village. They have a time of rejoice. Family is really important for Salva and the lost
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