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Froats,1 How does Salvation Army offer help during Christmas? The salvation army supports the community many different ways during the christmas holidays. They have a annual “Fill the Kettle for Christmas” there is also a “Santa Shuffle” to raise money, and there is also a Christmas hamper program. The Christmas kettle campaign is salvation army 's most famous campaign to raise money during the christmas holidays! Donating to the Christmas kettle campaign gives money to people who cannot afford food, clothing or shelter. This campaign has been helping people for over 125 years! There are some stores around Christmas time that have the “Kettle” that you can donate money in (Like Walmart)! If you cannot find a kettle you can go to your local…show more content…
The “Santa shuffle” is a fun, easy way to raise money for your community. The Santa shuffle offers a 5k fun run or a 1k elf walk depending on if you want to walk or run. Every year in 41 cities across Canada over 16,000 participants dress up in festive clothing and walk/run and get pledges and raise money. Last year over 600,000 was raised. You can go to to join and help the Salvation Army raise money! Another thing the Salvation Army offers is a Christmas hamper program. The christmas hamper is a hamper put together of non perishable food items, as well as a small gift card to a local supermarket (can be only used to buy food items) and also a turkey. The Christmas hamper also has a toy included if you have a child (Age 0-17) in your family and cannot afford to buy the child a gift for Christmas. You must apply to the salvation army with identification of you and your children as well as proof of how much your family 's income is to become eligible for a Froats,3 Christmas Hamper for your family. The hampers are packed and distributed to a local

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