Salvation Army Mission Statement

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Executive Summary The Salvation Army of the United States is one of the largest national providers of welfare services; operating in 128 countries worldwide, consisting of over 1.5 million members (i.e., officers, soldiers’ and adherents) (The Salvation Army USA, 2018). The organization prides itself for working with and advocating for the rights and needs of disadvantaged people. The promotion of values for human dignity, justice, hope, compassion and community makes the organization a leader in social justice and protection of the rights of disadvantaged and vulnerable people (The Salvation Army USA, 2018). A brief synopsis of The Salvation Army of the United States (2018) Mission Statement: The Salvation Army is a Christian movement dedicated to sharing the love of God by: 1. Caring For People: Being there when people need us most 2. Creating Faith Pathways: Taking a holistic approach to the human condition that values spirituality 3. Building Healthy Communities: Investing ourselves in relationships that promote mutual flourishing 4. Working for Justice: Tackling the social systems that harm creation and strip away human dignity This project will focus on the Salvation Army’s US - Kansas and Western Missouri division. Organizational Structure: Internal organizational leaders are housed in the head office known as, the ‘Salvation Army-Kansas & Western Missouri Divisional Headquarters’, located in downtown Kansas City Missouri. I choose to focus my project upon
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