SWOT Analysis: The Salvation Army

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Executive Summary The Salvation Army of the United States is one of the largest national providers of welfare services; operating in 128 countries worldwide, consisting of over 1.5 million members (i.e., officers, soldiers’ and adherents) (The Salvation Army USA, 2018). The organization prides itself for working with and advocating for the rights and needs of disadvantaged people. The promotion of values for human dignity, justice, hope, compassion and community makes the organization a leader in social justice and protection of the rights of disadvantaged and vulnerable people (The Salvation Army USA, 2018). A brief synopsis of The Salvation Army of the United States (2018) Mission Statement: The Salvation Army is a Christian movement dedicated…show more content…
I choose to focus my project upon because I volunteer for the organization annually and have observed leadership styles of program leaders. The Salvation Army K&WM aim to encourage individuals and communities as a whole to be self-sufficient and maintain basic standards of living by offering the following programs: Emergency Assistance, Community Center, Homeless Services, Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Children 's Shelter. This project will assess each programs areas of strength and weaknesses. Areas of Strength: The Salvation Army constantly offer new, innovative products or service to areas of poverty. The Salvation Army has a wide array of professional networks through which resources can be shared and communication can be exchanged regarding the organizations services. Other strengths include location (The Salvation Army is a world-wide organization), its funder base (government funds and public donations) and a demonstrated history of success. This history of longevity affords them a good, solid reputation in participating…show more content…
The organization aims to ‘balance the playing field’ between current conditions (rising homeless populations’) and desired conditions (everyone can be a functioning, productive member of society). By achieving this goal the nonprofit validates the ‘need’ for its organizations existence. The Salvation Army US (2018) describes the purpose/goals of their organization as follows: “We work with councils and local providers to cater to the immediate needs of people affected by homelessness, signposting other services they can access. We act as a bridge between vulnerable adults and the help they need by taking time to listen (The Salvation Army, 2018, paragraph 1).” This ‘needs assessment’ can be used to provide improvement strategies based on the organizations employees, education/training opportunities, and need to build stronger ties within communities (Day, Fleenor, Atwater, Sturm & McKee, 2014). This assessment will be used in order to identify, define and improve leadership development within the non-profit organization: The Salvation Army of Kansas and Western Missouri
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