Salvation Army Unwanted Donation

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Research reported in professional reports and scholarly journals (1) Identify the reasons for increasing unwanted donations Like many other goodwill industries, the Salvation Army Thrift stores are suffering from the overwhelming issue of increasing amount of unwanted donations. The thrift stores ' garbage bins continue to pile up with unwanted donations from the donors rather than the garbage from the store itself. There are several major concerns behind this issue that needs considerable amount of attention. The fundamental reason for increasing unwanted donation in the Salvation Army thrift store is lacking encouragement for good donations. Most of the donors have the attitude that even if they do not want something because it is…show more content…
One of the most important consequences of getting lot of unwanted donations is decrease revenue for charitable endeavors. The Salvation Army relies on good donations. If the company does not get good donations, the company have difficulty raising enough money for its rehabilitation programs. This force the Salvation Army to spend thousands of dollars every month on dumping that could use in charitable services. Farkas reports that waste removal now costs Goodwill half-a-million dollars a year(..). The Salvation Army thrift store in Surrey alone spends between ..............a month for waste management to privately remove the garbage, with the company usually coming to pick it up once a day. Sometimes the company has to pay for two trips on Mondays to get rid of the overflowing bins of trash. According to the research, from 2011 to 2012, Goodwill’s garbage-related expenses went up 7% and have continued to climb, with a 12.5 % increase across 2012 and 17 % increase in 2013( ….). This increasement surely needs to be changed as it goes against the company 's major
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