Six Key Components In Salvation By Langston Hughes

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Writing can be a hard activity to grasp. When trying to effectively write there are six key components. These components will help make the writing more effective and understanding for the reader. A reader wants to read something that they enjoy and they can related to. These six key components are fresh, organize, clear, unified, simple, and focus. These six key components can make a paper so much better by effectively getting the reader involved in what they are reading. In “Salvation” by Langston Hughes utilizes these key components making it a great piece of writing. The first key component is fresh. To keep things fresh the writer should always write about what they want to write about. If the paper is not something they like to write about how is a reader suppose to enjoy reading it. If a writer has interest in what they are writing about the better their writing will be. A writer should always be specific with their writing. The more details in a paper the more the reader can…show more content…
the paper has to be unified for it to be an effective piece of writing. Unifying a paper means that everything comes together in it. There are no lose ends. Langston Hughes does a good job with this in his paper. The paper is about one things and by the end of it everything comes full circle. The reader is not left hanging wondering what is going to happen. The fifth is simple. A writer has to keep everything simple. Everything from the words to sentences to topic have to be simple. If sentences are dragged on forever the reader has trouble keeping up with that is going on. Same goes for the wording of the paper. If the writer uses complicate words the reader with have the same problem keeping up with the paper and not understanding. In “Salvation” Hughes makes sure everything is very simple for the reader. “Salvation” with as simple as it is makes it an easy and great read. Everything in it can be well
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