Salvation In A Lesson Before Dying

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Salvation is like lightning, it is never the same for any two people, and for some their salvation is only within arms reach for but a second, and then it’s gone. Salvation strikes in the darkest and most violent storms, when it seems like it’s always raining, it was strike and light up the world for someone. No two lightning strikes will look the exact same either, the branching patterns and shapes, for some salvation may look like a person, for some it looks like a book. The only thing that’s always the same is that salvation hits you with electrifying intensity, sending energy through you that you never knew you had, and this is true for real life as well as in ”A Lesson Before Dying”. Salvation for myself, Grant, and Jefferson may look and be different, but it in the end it’s still the same, it’s still being saved. Though what any one person is…show more content…
I met my best friend some time two springs ago, late April early June, and they turned my life around. I never even recognized it at first and I never could truly understand what I’ve done for him, but we have our only little rag tag family now sort of, Friends that help each other and support each other like siblings. To this day the realization of my own salvation is a shock, looking back and realizing the change and everything that’s happened and that I can truly admit and accept that I’ve been saved. As I stated before, salvation is like lightning, in appearance, in method, in almost every way. From “A Lesson Before Dying”, to reality, to my own story, salvation is unpredictable and yet always the same. Like lightning strikes recorded on the weather channel, we can look back in history and see the times that salvation came when hope was lost. Even then we may never truly know what we were being saved
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