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Sam Border and Riddle Border were raised by their unstable father named Clarence Border. They get to a different town and are all moved in and Sam who is 17 goes to a church service and sees a girl named Emily Bell she is attempting to sing a song, but ends up really bad, so she goes to the back of the church and throws up Sam goes back there too and holds up her hair even though he had never even seen her before now but she freaks out. Then a few weeks later he follows her home and finds out where she lives and goes and just looks at her house. One day she sees him doing this and come out and meets him. They go on a date and her parents want to meet him. So one day he goes to her parents house and talks about his family. So then they want to meet his brother. So a few days later, he brings Riddle and Emily 's mom instantly starts diagnosing what Riddle has that makes him not talk turns out it is just asthma so she gets him an inhaler. I few weeks later when Riddle is adjusted to helping Emily 's mom cook and he is talking and drawing normally their dad sees them hanging out at the Bell 's house and follows them. Then he gets in the Belles car and cuts their leather and steals their belongings. When the kids are dropped off at home, they see their dad packing so they run in and grab their belongings…show more content…
Sam goes and hits his head on the bank multiple times then lays unconscious. Riddle stays afloat because he is younger and lighter. A few days later, Sam is discovered by a Mexican imigrant farmer who snuck in. Riddle stays conscious and walks into a tent and goes with it. Later the people who owned the tent, some dinosaur hunters found him. For a while the farmer helped heal Sam then Sam headed off to Las Vegas because he couldn 't remember anything, barely his

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