Book Summary: My Side Of The Mountain

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Summary: My Side of the Mountain is about a boy named Sam Gribley. Sam lives in New York, but wants more than anything to live in the Catskill Mountains. His great-grandfather's land is up there, and Sam believes that he could live up there alone and survive. One day, Sam sets out. He goes into the woods and avoids other humans. He makes friends with the animals instead. He even finds and trains a falcon. He uses the most any skills he has to enable his survival. Predict: Based on the fact that a little boy runs away from home and goes to live in the woods I predicted that he would get scared and go home. But he manages to keep going and live on his own which is surprising to me that he did not get scared and want to go home. Connect: This…show more content…
It made me wonder what it would be like making my own shelter and how time consuming it would be. It also made me wonder how would I stay warm in the winter, I mean yes you can build a fire but that won’t keep you as much as being in your own house. You can where heavier clothes but even that might not help. When I read the part in the book where he gets snowed in to his shelter it made me think how big was the door to his shelter. He had to dig his way up through the snow just to get out. When I pictured his shelter in my head it was a decent size tree and the door was a pretty big door. So when he got snowed in it made me think maybe his door was low to the ground or maybe the snow was just really high. Visualize: When I read the part in the book where it first mentions the Catskill Mountains I just picture what they looked like from a distance. When I pictured them I pictured the mountains that are around us except high and bigger. I picture that there would be snow on the top of them and the top wouldn’t have as many trees I thought the top would have a lot of rocks on the top and just a few trees. While I was reading the book I had an idea of what Sam the main character looks like, I pictured a little boy about twelve or thirteen years old he was about five feet tall and had dirty blonde
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