Sam Houston: The Father Of Texas

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Sam Houston was a fighting soldier, he is popular for putting his hard work and dedication into making the state Texas into the United States as a constituent state. Sam worked and fought so hard, he was considered the father of Texas. His commitment and continuous labor along with his men conquered Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna in the Battle at San Jacinto to lock in the independence of Texas from Mexico. He put so much effort into Texas that he performed duties as the senator and Governor after Texas became a state in 1845. Houston spent most of his time growing up in Tennessee, then went to Cherokee country. Living with the Cherokee Indians taught him a lot of values and beliefs about life. He was exposed to a lot, and that made…show more content…
They soon came up with a plan to come and destroy Texas government. They wanted to seek revenge immediately. April 21, 1836, the decisive battle was fought between the two in 18 minutes. The president of Mexico was captured the next day. This mean’t that he lost the battle and Sam Houston had the victory. Twenty-one days later, Santa Anna signed the peace treaty, meaning Texas had won its independence. Sam then became known for all his hard work and labor. He was “the man” for all of his doings with Texas. The people looked up to Sam and elected him as president of Texas right after his victory. The struggled was yet to go away, he still faced many problems like going into debt and Mexico wanting revenge again. He never let any of that get his hopes down or stop him from doing what he needed to do to make Texas a better place. The people noticed his loyalty and believed in him even more. They soon elected him to the U.S. Senate. His dedication never switch dup he was still working toward annexation. He did not want Mexico to keep Texas. Whatever Sam put his mind do is what he was going to work toward doing and was going to actually get it

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