Sam Houston's Fight For Texas Independence

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“Texas will again lift its head and stand among the nations’. Says Sam Houston when the fight for Texas independence began (Texas revolution). At the battle of Gonzales on October 1835, Sam Houston played a major role in fighting for independence, he lead the soldiers of Texas through the battles of gaining independence. He is a politician and a soldier, he was born at timber ridge plantation. On March 11th he joined in at the battle of Gonzales. They then retreated from the battle. After this was the battle of Goliad. This was the second battle of the Texas revolution, at Goliad they killed republic of Texas prisoners and leader James fanning. This was ordered by Santa Anna. The third battle of the Texas revolution was the battle of the Alamo.…show more content…
The fight was to their advantage at the beginning, but eventually they were overwhelmed by a great number of Mexican soldiers. After 12 hours they grew tired from fighting. Causing them to leave for Victoria on the 19th. At this battle several men were killed and men became prisoners. The next battle was the battle of coleto it was fought on March 19th-20th 1836. It was mostly known as the of the prairie. Fannin takes 1000 musket and travel until they make it to coleto, on the way there they lose a big cannon in the Sanintonio River. They get it out and then let the oxen rest eventually when fannin and troops get back going, the Mexicans surprise them from behind. About later in the day they take over the position with about 200 or 300 men, but then urrea took over. The fight lasted until dark on the 19th but before the battle was over fannin and his troops didn’t feel beaten yet. So they kept fighting until back up came but it never came and Texans had been defeated once again. The final and most successful battle is the battle of San Jacinto. It was fought on April 21, 1836 with Santa Anna and his thousands of troops against Sam Houston and the Texas
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