Sam Houston's Heroic Decisions

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Sam Houston only had 1 formal year of school and went to live with the Indians at 16, but even with those conditions he became an extremely heroic leader of Texas. Sam Houston was born in Virginia 1793, at an early point in his life he moved to Tennessee with his mother, brothers, and sisters. Houston had only one year of formal school and lived with the Indians for 3 years. When the US went to war against England, Houston joined the army. During the battle against the Creek Indians at Horseshoe Bend, Alabama, He showed his bravery but continuing to fight with an arrow in his thigh and two rifle balls in his shoulder. Sam Houston’s made several heroic decisions such as telling his soldiers to retreat at the Alamo Making peace with natives of…show more content…
Houston was a very important person for Texas. He made decisions for the better of the Texas people and state. If Houston didn 't make certain decisions for Texas than the future of the state would 've happened completely differently. Sam Houston may have made many important decisions for Texas, but the most important decision he made was when he opposed secession from the United States. When the six southern states left the United States, led by South Carolina, Texas was approached to join the Confederacy. Sam Houston opposed the secession from the US and wanted to stay, but failed to do so since most Texans voted to secede "When Texas did vote to secede, Houston refused to take the oath of loyalty to the Confederacy" Sam Houston was then forced to resign as governor of Texas "He was forced to resign from his office as governor of Texas". Sam Houston tried to stop the secession from the US and was apart of the small apart of the Texas population who wanted to do so. Him disagreeing was a very risky move since most people during the time of the Civil War in the southern states farmed, which means they used slaves to harvest their cotton farms. Houston was very heroic to disagree with
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