Sam Houston's Role In The Battle Of Texas

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Sam Houston was a soldier and politician famous for his act of bringing Texas into the United States as a constituent state.Independence from Mexico was sealed with his victory from Mexico.Sam Houston was born in Virginia and he was also a congressman,lawyer,and senator in tennessee. Sam Houston moved to Texas in 1832 and became a part of the conflict between U.S Settlers and the Mexican government.Houston was became a commander of the settlers local army.In April 1836 Sam Houston and his army conquered Mexican General Santa Anna at San Jacinto to fortify Texan independence.He became president in 1836 through a vote also in 1841, then became as a senator after Texas joined the U.S. and became a state in 1845.Sam Houston eventually got a town named after him and even a county.Sam Houston was a great commander,but a better Hero to Texas and all america. David (Davy) Crockett was born in 1786 to a family of pioneers who lived on Nolichucky River in a east part of Tennessee.His family constantly followed a western settlement.They moved three times by the age of twelve.When he was an adult and he also had a family he went west and settled in northwest…show more content…
James Bowie was born in Kentucky in 1796 but spent most of his life in Louisiana. He started to become famous in 1827 and because of the Sandbar Fight.James Bowie moved to Texas in 1830. Bowie joined the military of Texas and took part and lead forces in the Battle Of Conception and in the Grass Fight.In early 1836 he arrived in the Alamo and led the volunteer forces until he became ill and weak and he died in early March(March sixth) along with the other defenders of the Alamo. He was a great person and very respectable and will always be remember thanks to his service and his knife of
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