Sam Houston's Role In The Civil War

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. Sam Houston was born in Virginia on March 2, 1793. He was a husband, father, soldier, lawyer, a congressman from Tennessee, Governor of Tennessee, he was a drunk, adopted Cherokee, major general of the Texas Army, President of the Republic of Texas, Texas Representative, and a Senator from Texas. One of the biggest roles he played in his life time was being governor of Texas around 1859 till 1861. He participated in the War of 1812, he was involved in Tennessee politics. His participation within this war showed his military ability and attracted the attention of General Andrew Jackson. He eventually became a Jacksonian politician. He was wounded at horseshoe bend, and then become governor of Tennessee in 1827. He soon resigned in 1829 after a failed marriage. He had spent a…show more content…
He then became president of the Lone Star Republic in Texas. There was courage in Sam Houston's rise in Tennessee politics during the 1820's. Oratorical ability, and a commanding physical presence. Voters in the southwest in supported Jackson so they supported his protégé, Houston, as well. Sam Houston's marriage to Eliza Allen destroyed his career in Tennessee and nearly ruined his entire life. What started this whole disaster was in the middle of the Houston and Carroll campaign the story of Eliza leaving Houston got out. Crowds grew outside Houston room, when he wouldn't come out they called him a coward. And then on April 16th Houston resigned as governor of Tennessee. After Sam Houston's marriage fell apart in 1829, as stated above Houston had left Tennessee to travel to Arkansas where he renewed his close contact with the Cherokee Indians. After the move, 1830, a year later he married a Cherokee woman, her name was Tiana Rodgers. Houston spoke upon the Cherokee Nation and other Native Americans in Washing D.C. in Indian affairs. He had gone to Washington D.C. to uncover all kinds of fraud that the government agents had committed against the
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