Sam Sing Character Analysis

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In the short story, “The Gold Mountain Coat” by Judy Fong-Bates, the owner of the Chinese resturant, Sam Sing, is very strict on anything financial related. Sam Sing is an old Chinese man who opened the only Chinese resturant in a small town in Ontario. Sam Sing is a healthy and powerful old man who manages the resturant and controls his sons who work in there. Sam’s views and values are indicated by his restless attitude, strict financial rules and unfriendly personality. Sam’s restless attitude is explicitly shown throughout the story and contributed to his character development. One basic component in becoming a successful business owner is to be persistent. “For five years, the resturant had never been closed.” (12) shows just hard working…show more content…
Sam is determined on becoming rich and getting a “a gold mountain” but he lacks a good interaction technique. “Sam rarely smiled...He rarely spoke” (4) also his attitude towards customers are below average as he “glared at his customers from behind the glass.” (5). These examples shows that he values money over friendship, which might have been the reason they moved to Canada in the first place. Sam’s attitude toward the narrators family is really untraditional and cuturally incorrect. “But Sam Sing never entered our house.” (8), you should always help another person, especially if they are the ONLY other family in town sharing your ethnicity. Sams unfriendliness towards others kept his focus on his goal but turned him into an unlikeable character.

Although in the short story, Sams character is odd, tough and distant but he is successful in the goal of getting rich and adjust his sons financial mindset into his. Through the need of buying a new coat, Sam is sure that his sons are capable of being financial dependable. Along with a successful business, Sams goal is fully completed and knows that he have passed on his financial legacy. Although Sam loves his family, Sams unfriendly attitude toward others will cast him into a lifelong of
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