Sam Smith's Poems: The Themes Of Poetry And Music

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Poetry and music are both used to express emotions through past experiences. Poetry and music have similar concepts. Both poetry and music allow the writer to express their feelings through their poem or lyrics. Poetry and music both have poetic elements in their piece to enhance the theme. Poetry is a type of language that expresses universal themes through one’s feelings, experiences and emotions. Music can also be a language that expresses themes through one’s feelings, emotions and experiences. Some poetic elements include hyperbole, imagery, metaphor, personification, etc. Imagery is a representation of language through our 5 senses. A metaphor is an indirect comparison between two unlike objects. In Sam Smith’s song “Lay Me Down,” he uses poetic elements throughout his lyrics in order to amplify the stronger meaning behind his song. In his song, his overall message is to treat gay, lesbian, and transgender people as if they were any other human. The lyrics in “Lay Me Down” describe a great meaning of treating everyone equally through his use of poetic elements. The denotation of a poem is also known as the literal meaning of a poem. The literal meaning in the song “Lay Me Down” by Sam Smith is about a man who feels empty and depressed inside because he cannot feel his affection for this person due to society’s thoughts about homosexuals. The song describes how sad this man feels because he lost the person he loved. Smith says, “No words can explain, the way I’m missing

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