Sam Walton: Transformational Leadership Analysis

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Sam Walton a global market and transformational leader who has the vision to sell volume over profit. His vision gave him the opportunity to own and operate a single store in a small town in Arkansas and transformed his business to be one of the biggest corporation with over 4,000 stores in the United States. Sam Walton operate his company, Walmart, with compassion and love for his employees living with moral and ethical standards. He led by example, cared for his workers, customers, and most of all being a servant leader he is. He revolutionized and made a constant inspiration and made a huge impact in the retail industry. Our text states, “transformational leader is one who influences, inspires, mobilizes, and transforms followers to achieve…show more content…
He is very sensitive not only to the needs of his customers but also to his employees. He treats his employees as his family and assists them when he could which make him also a servant leader. "The main assumption is that true leadership should call us to serve a higher purpose, something beyond ourselves. One of the most important aspects of leadership is helping organizations and staff identify their purpose" (Weiss, 2015, Chap. 2.8). As I mentioned in my previous discussion post, a leader should display a high level of integrity and be authentic to his people. "Integrity and honesty are also related to the survival and success of corporations, " (Weiss, 2015, Chap. 3.1). Sam Walton also possessed this quality he is an authentic leader living with integrity, respect and sensitive to his employee’s…show more content…
One thing I never forget about how my mom and his coworkers spoke of Sam Walton. They said every time Mr. Walton comes to visit he slows the operation down because he interacts and talks to his employees from the store manager all the way down to stockers and housekeeping crew. He will sit in the break room and talk about regular stuff like fishing, hunting and then talk about future operations. He listened to what other people had to say regardless of their work status. They talk about how much they trust him and never doubted that he will do something happen before he leaves the store whether it is additional or expansion of a break area or personal matters. Sam Walton take his time to help his people who make him a great servant leader. As Walmart became more successful, he shared his success and donated more to communities. From cancer awareness to building youth centers in underprivileged communities. He is a person that every leader should emulate and follow.
In conclusion, Mr. Walton transformed the retail shopping industry. He possessed many leadership traits that help him to be successful both in his business and relation to his employees. His secret of success was to treat your employees like your family and live by the company motto, “Save Money, Live Better.” to provide customer and staff to spend less for more. His vision of volume over profit is notable, and his leadership style is remarkable, he takes care of his employees,
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