Samantha In The Movie Boyhood

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Character analysis - Samantha The character of Samantha in the movie “boyhood” written and directed by Richard Linklater, is around 6 years old in the beginning of the movie and about 21 in the end. She is the sister to the main character Mason Jr. They lived with their single mum in Texas, but then the family moves to Houston so that Olivia could complete her degree and get a better job. In Houston she also marries a guy named Bill, who starts to drinks too much and abuse her. She decides that it is best to leave him so the family moves again. This time Samantha is not very happy about the change of school, she had to leave all her friends and her other things. The mum gets a new boyfriend again and even tough this one seems nicer, he is kind of strict and cares a lot about Olivia, I believe that it takes kind of hard on Samantha who is the older sibling. Samantha was, in the beginning of the movie, a very clever girl. Even though she…show more content…
When their mum told them that they were going to move she simply snapped with her fingers and said no. She seemed to be used to getting her way and didn´t like to be told what to do. Usually when Mason spoke Samantha flipped him off and started to tell her opinion about what they were talking about instead, she always had to show that she was better than Mason Jr and made him stand in her shadow. In one scene she sings a song just to annoy mason and then she throws stuff at him, when their mum comes in Samantha pretend to cry and mason gets into trouble. But even though she seemed to be rude to everyone I don´t think she was, I think she actually was caring deep down. She cared a lot about her step siblings and got concerned when they were leaving bill without them, she knew that he was abusive and could likely hurt them. She asked her mum why they couldn´t come with
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