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Profile Samantha James is a white 13yr old Female currently in the 7th grade with above average intelligence. She was born to a single, active duty mother. Her biological father was severing in the military in a foreign country and until she was four she had no contact with him. She was abused repeatedly for six months, by the man that her mother was dating, when she was two years old while her mother was at sea as a navy cook. She was removed from the home and placed in foster care. Her mother came home to her boyfriend in jail and her daughter a ward of the state she was then placed in a military prison for neglect and abandonment for six months pending an investigation. Her mother was resealed and no charges were filed but she was never…show more content…
She lived with her father and his wife with her three older step sisters. Her step mother was verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive on more than one occasion. She was diagnosed with ADD at the age of seven and was medicated with Ritalin since that time. She has attended weekly therapy sessions without change in behavior or demeanor for nearly four years in an attempt to make her work through the abuse she could not recall. This included showing her pictures of her beaten lifeless body and court reports. She became antisocial and withdrawn at 11 when her biological mother and brother, that she did not know existed, died in a car accident. She became depressed, angry, and violent. She stopped taking her ADD medications without approval (unknown to her parents for three years) and became verbally combative in therapy sessions. She began to read psychology text books and inset various issues into her therapy sessions for her own personal amusement. The behavior almost landed her in a psychiatric hold for schizophrenia, which she does not have. Eventually her parents stopped sending her to therapy by the age of 12 as it was futile. They gave up on fixing what they…show more content…
Erickson holds that we develop as humans with emotional requirements that must be completed to be successful (Mooney, 2013). When she was supposed to develop Hope she was abused. When she was to develop Will she was in foster homes. Her life was turned upside down again when she was five and she was in a new home with new people on the other side of the country this was disruptive to forming purpose and competency. When she was to build self-worth, she was told she had none. She is currently in the Identity vs. Role Confusion working on fidelity. She is holding her friends close to feed this milestone. She is using them to show her continuing loyalty and support. Things she has not been shown at home. She is using cry her academics for a cry for help. Her attempts to get the attention to adults she trusted only landed her is more trouble at

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