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“ Gender socialization”

According to the first person I interview, I asked one of my close friend Samantha Marquez about what Gender Socialization means to her. She is 20 years old that goes to school at Guam Community College. Samantha’s perspective about Gender socialization is part of growing from families. During her childhood days where the parents makes their child have their first lecture, lessons, punishment, hobbies, and other things they could discover while growing up. Samantha said being the only girl in the family, her mom expected her to learn how to sweep the floor, fix her own bed, and wash the dishes after everyone’s is done eating. Samantha mom would get mad at her if she does not know how to clean. Samantha has a little brother that does not do anything at all. Samantha’s little brother did not help her when she is inside the house cleaning. He is outside helping her dad watering the plant, and cleaning the car. However, gender socialization is like a tradition. Whatever you learned through your parents, they will teach
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She is 56 years old. She goes to work mostly every day to pay for power bill, food, and expenses. My mother at first did not know what Gender socialization is, but when I slowly explained the meaning. She reacted so fast by saying back in my days, females are required to do house chores because it will benefit them in the long run when you are helping your own family. My mom being the oldest in the family made her learned how to be responsible by taking care of her siblings when she came to Guam. She expected her daughters to do house chores other than outside chores because she thinks it is only for males. It is a tradition in the culture for females to help their mother such as cooking. If you are a male, you are suppose to help your father when it comes to fixing cars. Any father would want his son to be a brave, confident, and knows what to do when it comes to bad situations in

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